Patient-Tailored Antibodies To Defeat Cancer

AbLeads Takes Up The Challenge

An Ambitious Project

AbLeads has for ambition to extend the benefits of immunotherapy to a large number of patients considered incurable today, thanks to an innovative approach capable of « revealing » poorly mutated cancer cells to the immune system.

Notre projet ambitieux vise à étendre les bénéfices de l'immunothérapie à de nombreux patients
Notre projet d'immunothérapie personnalisée symbolise un nouvel espoir pour de nombreux patients

An Immense Hope

We hope that by the end of the project, we will be able to target tumors bearing less than 10 mutations per cell. If we reach that goal, around two-thirds of patients for whom there is currently no treatment could be concerned by our therapies!

We Need Your Help!

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A Unique Approach

Patient-Tailored Antibodies

One major limit of current targeted therapies is that the majority of potential therapeutic targets are not being tapped since they are specific to each patient. Thus, two patients with a similar cancer will have distinct mutations within their tumor. This makes it particularly difficult to develop treatments that will benefit a large number of patients.

This is the reason why we have designed an innovative approach based on the development of fully personalized therapeutic antibodies capable of specifically targeting the patient's tumor cells. These antibodies are generated directly against a biopsy taken from the patient's tumor, thanks to our unique  Dual Display™ technology.

Développer des anticorps personnalisés pour cibler les mutations patient-spécifiques
Activer le système immunitaire des patients afin d'aider leur organisme à rejeter les cellules cancéreuses

Activating The Immune System Of Patients

In the majority of cancers that we are not able to treat today, cancer cells are not recognized by the patient's immune system. This absence of detection prevents the body from efficiently fighting against the progress of the disease.

To tackle this challenge, our personalized antibodies are designed to trigger a powerful activation of the immune system of each patient thanks to a unique process. Once properly activated, the patient's immune system is able to rapidly identify and eliminate cancer cells. Then, after 6 to 8 weeks,  the patient's body is able to start developing specific immunity against the encountered type of cancer. In other terms most patients will not suffer tumor relapses which, sadly,  are very common in many types of cancer. 

Our Unique Dual Display™ Technology

A Technological Challenge

As of today, none of the existing antibody development technologies is sufficiently fast and powerful to enable such a level of treatment personalization. Regrettably, this is all the more challenging given the relatively short time many patients have left.

Notre technologie du Wave Display nous permet de générer des anticorps anti-cancer hautement spécifique en très peu de temps
Le développement de traitements anti-cancer personnalisés est un réel défi technologique

A Powerful Technology

Our proprietary Dual Display™ technology allows for the ultra-fast generation of antibodies bearing high-affinity and specificity towards the patient's cancer cells. These fully humanized, synthetic antibodies are generated and tested in vitro using a biopsy taken from the patient.

This new generation of high-performance antibodies allows for a drastic increase in precision, and therefore efficacy of our therapies, especially when targeting tumors with a low mutation rate.