Cancer immunotherapy: a new hope for patients

Cancer Facts And Figures

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounted for about 9 million deaths last year, a figure that seems to be constantly on the rise. This represents approximately one patient dying of cancer every 4 seconds.

Cancer: The Immunotherapy Revolution

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in Immuno-Oncology, some patients who would have been considered incurable just a few years ago can now gain several years of life, and sometimes even undergo complete remission.

Facing A New Challenge

Unfortunately, many patients cannot benefit from this medical revolution due to the low mutation rate of their tumor cells, rendering tumors “invisible” to their immune system.

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AbLeads: New therapies targeting incurable cancers

Personalizing Therapies

Due to the heterogeneous nature of cancer, it is not possible to rely on any given therapeutic product to eventually treat every patient. Instead, we think that future advances in Oncology will be based on personalized treatments that have the potential to harness the power of the immune system.

A New Generation Of Therapeutic Antibodies

AbLeads’ ambition is to extend the benefits of Immunotherapy to a much greater number of patients, for whom no cure is available yet. To do so, we are developing a new generation of personalized therapeutic antibodies capable of activating the immune detection of tumors with a very low mutational profile.

Our Unique Dual Display Technology

To achieve this goal, our young startup has designed a unique antibody display technology allowing for the development of these innovative next-generation therapeutic antibodies bearing unprecedented specificity towards their cancer targets.

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AbLeads develops personalized antibody therapies

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Latest News

2017 Pepite award ceremony at Poitiers

AbLeads wins best innovative startup award!

Young startup AbLeads developing personalized anti-cancer treatments has won best innovative startup award  “Prix PÉPITE” in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (Bordeaux’s region).  This award was created 3 years ago by the French ministry for Higher Education and Research with the aim of supporting the emergence of innovative startups.

AbLeads attended Immuno-Oncology conference Meet2Win 2017

AbLeads at Meet2Win 2017!

AbLeads attended this year’s Meet2Win oncology business convention organized by MATWIN, in Bordeaux. This turned out to be a great opportunity to meet major actors of the oncology field coming from biotechs, pharmas, startups, clinics and academic institutions all over Europe.

AbLeads Website of startup developing new cancer treatments is live

AbLeads website now live!

We are excited to announce that AbLeads website is now up and running! We have decided to develop it ourselves for now, to save our funds for materials and reagents needed in the lab. Thus, we have kept this first version of AbLeads’ website quite simple. We hope we’ll manage to regularly build on it to provide our visitors with more details on the project and the advances we make.

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